Te Awa river ride

When complete, Te Awa will be a shared cycle / walkway travelling approximately 70km along the shoreline of the Waikato River, from Ngaruawahia in the north to Horahora in the south. 

By creating access to, and along, the River, Te Awa hopes to foster inspiration, interaction, protection and restoration of the region’s greatest natural landmark. The trail will be further enhanced though sensitive riparian planting, educational interpretation panels and fencing where necessary. We believe this unique combination of factors will further encourage restoration and protection of the River. 

Te Awa will create access to difficult riparian stretches for planting, spraying, fencing and pest control. Many of these riparian stretches will be secured through legal easements of esplanade strips for permanent protection. A comprehensive landscaping plan will accompany each section to create an ecological corridor strengthening biodiversity along the length of the ride.

Te Awa is committed to a communications and promotions strategy that commenced with the completion of the first section of the ride and will play an on-going role in the promotion and communication of the ride.  This will create a complete experience which will draw both domestic and overseas visitors.







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