Strategic Direction

In the next five years the Trust will be recognised as a leading contributor to sustainable tourism in New Zealand; a destination that reflects values of environmental sustainability.  This can involve environmental regeneration, restoration and maintenance/development.

To achieve this, the Trust must have:

  • A diversity of projects
  • Three or four significant projects
  • Projects that engage New Zealanders and visitors to New Zealand
  • Projects that have public accessiblity
  • Projects that build profile for the environment
  • Projects which develop tourism opportunities

Other considerations from the Trust’s Grants Policy are:

  • Value to the environment
  • Integrity of the project ("worthiness")
  • Track record of the applicant
  • Cost benefit
  • Value to sponsors

The Trust will also develop partnerships which:

  • Provide appropriate recognition
  • Are compatible with our principles
  • Are credible
  • Enhance New Zealand tourism
  • Promote sound environmental activity

Whats Happening

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