Project Island Song

Project Island SongProject Island Song was formed in response to growing concern in the decline in biodiversity of the group of islands, known as Ipipiri, in the eastern Bay of Islands. The aim of Project Island Song is to restore ecological balance to these islands.

Project Island Song's ecological restoration project includes seven islands: Motuarohia, Moturua, Motukiekie, Poroporo, Urupukapuka, Waewaetorea and Okahu, as well as numerous rockstacks and islets across the eastern Bay of Islands. These islands are near the spectacular Cape Brett peninsula, the remote Rawhiti community and numerous headlands and bays along the adjacent mainland coast. Together these form the spectacular backdrop that makes the Bay of Islands a world-famous visitor destination.

Project Island SongThe seven islands are now pest free but require weed control, pest control and replanting to help restore biodiversity.  Given the proximity of the islands to the mainland, continued education on the importance of keeping the islands pest free is paramount.

ANZET is involved in Project Island Song by providing much needed funding for the propagation of eco-sourced plants, traps and equipment for continued pest control and through the Kids restore New Zealand programme. 


Project Island SongProject Island Song, Bay of Islands

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