Mangarara Station has been a sheep farm for more than 150 years. Much of the countryside is steep hillside, dry and barren after so many years of intensive farming.

This is about to change. In ten years time many of these hills will be covered again with native forest and New Zealanders will be able to walk through bush which resounds with the sounds of native birds.

Through a partnership with the Air New Zealand Environment Trust, Mangarara Station have undertaken an extensive programme of regenerative planting to help restore the land to its original glory.

Sponsorship from the Trust will enable more than 60,000 trees to be planted on marginal land over a three year period. 

The first planting of eco-sourced tree stock took place in 2008 with many of the trees having to suffer through a very dry summer.  The second year of planting has taken place over winter 2009 with nearly 40,000 trees being planted over this two year period.  The third year of planting will take place in May 2010 with more than 20,000 being planted this winter.  These plantings form the conservation estate which has been created by the owners of Mangarara as a gift to the nation.     

Shelter trees for stock are also being planted and the 30 hectare lake is already a sanctuary for ducks, swans and weweia.

Mangarara Station is the first project that has been supported by the Trust.

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