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Kids restore New Zealand

Kids restore New Zealand is about kids and the environment.  Most of our kids now live in a city.  Many have never walked through the bush, waded through the mud in an estuary or climbed up into the snow. Most will never hear the sound of kiwi in the bush at night or will wonder about the strange sound heard by a morepork.  The only weta they will see will be in a cae and the only huia they will come across will be in a museum.

And yet, these are the people that New Zealand will have to rely on to preseve and protect the small amount of natural heritage that is left and to regenerate and resotre suitable areas for the future. 

We are running out of time.  What we have now is all we have left - and all we will ever have unless we move fast to protect it.

Involving our children in community projects to restore our environment is a priority. 

Through the Kids restore New Zealand project, schools will be asked to work with their community to identify a real enviornmental need and provide leadership in a suitable environmental project.  This could be anything from replanting a waste area, developing a wetland, cleaning up a stream or any other type of environmental project.  For more information on the current projects and criteria for funding, please visit the Kids restore New Zealand website.

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