Funding criteria

The following criteria will be used when projects are assessed.  Applications must meet these criteria to be considered for funding.  Please ensure your check your project against this list before submitting your application. 

Your project should:

  • protect and enhance New Zealand's indigenous biodiversity
  • protect an ecosystem
  • fit well with the Trust's existing projects
  • engage New Zealanders
  • allow public access
  • provide benefit to the community/public (cost benefit)
  • show a track record of environmental activity
  • enhance New Zealand tourism
  • If a research project, does it meet the research priority of non-fossil fuels, reduced impact of exotic pest species, restore native habitat or reduce impact of tourism.
  • be able to feature the Trust as a main sponsor or signatory sponsor 

When reviewing applications for funding and support, ANZET will consider:

  • The integrity of the project
  • The value and impact on New Zealand's biodiversity
  • The track record of the applicant
  • Relevant costs versus benefits of the project
  • The accessibility of the project to the public
  • Collaboration with other organisations and educational partners to maximise impact
  • The value to sponsors and tourism in New Zealand
  • The ability to attract additional local support for projects

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